Barefoot Bride for Three:
Bride Train Bk. 1
Elizabeth Elliott has left her old life back East to ride the Bride Train as far West as it will take her.  In 1870 women were scarce in the West where there were a hundred men for every single woman.  It took weeks for her to reach Tanner's Ford, only to wind up in jail for three days for her own safety.  Elizabeth had been approached at each stop, but Tanner's Ford is the last stop and men were fighting over who would have her.  Elizabeth turned each man down, even the town deputy who menaced her in her cell.  She's not afraid, though life is about to take an interesting turn.  The Mayor has declared that Elizabeth would marry by midnight, and her husband's name will be drawn from his hat!  

Sheriff Chambers had forbidden the three Elliott men from coming to town until one of them took a wife.  Whenever they come to town they end up in jail for the night.  When Trace Elliott rides into town the Sheriff gives him an ultimatum.  Marry Elizabeth or go to jail.  When Trace meets Elizabeth he sees a feisty barefooted woman who knows her own mind, and he can't wait to take her on and introduce her to his brothers, Simon and Jack.  They've shared everything with each other since their parents passed away.  Now he just has to marry Elizabeth and explain what it means to marry a man who shares everything, including his wife, with his brothers.  That's life out in the Old West.

This book is very exciting and sexy.  I don't usually read much in the way of Historical stories but
Barefoot Bride for Three-Bride Train 1 sure got my attention.  It has everything from proper women who make you cringe, to women of ill repute who show the new woman in town that her new husband is more than the salt of the Earth.  I found myself smiling and actually falling in love with the Elliott men.  Elizabeth is no weak willed woman, which made me want to learn more of her life, and experience her new life through her eyes.  She is just perfect for the Elliott men.

What a dynamite story Reece Butler has written.  I'm looking forward to reading more in the
Bride Train series.  This story has changed my mind and made me want to read more historical erotic romances.  You won't want to miss this engaging book that will have your face heating from all the ways the Elliott men show Mrs. Elliott what real men are like when they have a beautiful woman to pleasure.

Judy King
Author:  Reece Butler
Category: Historical, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: August 2010
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