Carnal Ecstasy
Carrie has just graduated, and she's determined to live her own life away from the strict upbringing of her very religious parents.  She's about to take a job at a University when she meets a handsome man named Dallon.  He seems like the kind of man who would show her how to go out on her own and experience the type of life she wants to have.

Dallon owns a bar, but his Father is Dean of the University.  Usually Dallon stays away from anyone and anything to do with the University.  It's his way of staying free and living his own life.  When he meets Carrie he can't help but want to be with this beautiful, wide eyed, innocent young woman.  After quitting her job Carrie goes to Dallon to convince him to help her experience the thrills of sexual adventure.  He isn't sure he is ready to break his rule for Carrie, but Dallon is soon showing her what it means to be a bad girl... His bad girl.  It's time for Carrie to break free of her past and start her future.

Carnal Ecstasy, the story of Carrie's new experiences with Dallon, is exciting and a adventurous.  Carrie boldly learns different ways to make love, none conventional and all extremely daring for a novice.  I was a little unsettled by  Carrie's self doubt.  It's a little wearing with Dallon constantly having to reassure her that he wants her to stay after each amazing night of experiences.  I would have liked to see Carrie embrace the experiences with a little more self confidence.

Dallon definitely has all the sexual moves to test Carrie in extremely erotic and unexpected ways.  If you want to see what it's like to break free of restraints and experience sex on a whole new level this story will definitely take you there.  It's a little uncomfortable at times, but definitely intriguing to read.  You'll find yourself being taken for an interesting ride on the wild side and look for more with
Carnal Ecstasy.

Judy King
Author:  Lissa Matthews
Category: Erotic Fiction, Exotika
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

Released: June 2010
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