Changing Their Wolfen Heritage:
A Wolfen Heritage Series Bk. 3
Ethan and Latan River Wind shared everything – even their women.  The brothers knew that one day one or both of them would find his mate and when that day came there would be no more sharing or so they thought.  After their pack hired Kitania as their new schoolteacher neither Ethan nor Latan could keep their hands off her and their feelings for her deepened with each touch.  Could it be that Tania was the mate to both Ethan and Latan?

Kitania couldn’t believe that she had found love with not one but two handsome werewolves brothers.  Ethan and Latan were all that Tania could want and more.  But how will the brothers respond when they discovered her true shifting identity and more importantly her undercover work with the National Council?

The last thing Melissa Rogers expected to find when she relocated to the mountains with her boss, now new business partner, was a super-hot man seeking her attention – especially a handsome man like Mali Wind River.  Melissa couldn’t understand why he would want a ‘Plain Jane’ like her.  Nevertheless, Melissa couldn’t help but fall for Mail’s alluring charm.  How will Melissa react when she discovered Mali’s wolf?  Will she welcome him with open arms or will she run screaming in the opposite direction?

If you are a fan of having two stories for the price of one, then you need to pick up a copy of Missy Martine’s
Changing Their Wolfen Heritage.  The plot was enriched with secrets, devastation, danger and numerous sizzling sexual encounters.  The courtship of Tania and Melissa was hot enough to melt chocolate.  I really enjoyed both romances and how they were uniquely their own all while enclosing the twosomes/threesomes into the disturbing chaos had that managed to surround the entire pack.  There was never a dull moment to be found in this spectacular read.  You will find yourself quickly caught up in this passion-filled tale from start to finish.  While Changing Their Wolfen Heritage is part of a series, it was easily a standalone read and a pleasurable one at that.  Nevertheless, I would suggest reading the previous two novels within this series for more enjoyment pleasure.

Nikita Steele
Author: Missy Martine
Category: Paranormal
Siren BookStrand Publishing

Released: December 2010
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