Cowboy and the Thief
Angel Manning is a spitfire of a woman determined to retrieve the ancient Irish Torque her Father sold.  This Torque has been passed down through the Manning family women over many lifetimes, and it should have come to her next.  The legend is that the owner and their family will be blessed with love in their heart and soul as long as the Torque remains in their possession.  Who ever that person finds to complete them, theirs will be a happy marriage that is blessed.   And her Father sold it to Jack Riley without Angel's permission.  Angel takes matters into her own hands and follows Jack back to his house in America to retrieve what is rightfully hers.  She wants her happy ever after, and she'll steal the Torque back to get it.

Jack knows Angel is determined to retrieve the Torque.  They fought over it before he returned home from Ireland.  He's smitten with Angel and intends to have the woman.  The Torque doesn't hold anything else for him, just the woman, so Jack lays in wait for Angel to steal into his house.   In the end he will do what he has to in order to have her.  Jack waits and Angel makes her move, sneaking into his house not realizing that he's behind her the whole way.  He intends to teach her a lesson and then claim the ultimate prize.  They are evenly matched in their stubbornness and wills.  Who will come out the winner in the end?  Maybe they both will?

Cowboy and the Thief was originally part of an anthology from Ellora's Cave entitled A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream released in 2005.  It's an extremely fiery story which picks you up and carries you all the way to the end.  It has flair, and the desire between Jack and Angel is so intense it will set your blood on fire.  This couple are intensely erotic every time they come together, even their clashes are sexy.  I found myself anxious to read each page and see what the two of them would get up to all in the name of the Torque.  Really, though, it was about them discovering that the love of their lives was within reach if they would only stop being so darn stubborn and realize that the Torque did what it was suppose to do.  It brought the two lovers together.  Oh, they weren't lovers to begin with, but that had more to do with Angel being a stubborn, tenacious woman.

Cowboy and the Thief is an electrifying story. I felt like I was actually watching each thing they did to each other.  There's nothing more sexy than Jack capturing Angel and bending her to his will, but despite that it would not break her will.  Jack and Angel are two combustible people who are absolutely perfect for each other and this story was a fantastic read.  Don't miss out on an exciting, erotic romance that will have you wishing you were in their shoes.  Lora Leigh has a habit of producing impressive erotic love stories and this one is right up there as one of her best in my opinion

Judy King
Author:  Lora Leigh
Category: Modern/Contemporary
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: November 2009
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