Denying His Wolfen Heritage:
A Wolfen Heritage Series Bk. 2
Michael Bowers had always felt guilty about his sister’s childhood accident.  So he put his life on hold to take care of his sister, Maddie.  When she found love and married, Michael was overjoyed because now he could focus solely on his career.  All was well until his sister informed him of their family’s wolfen heritage.  And, if that wasn’t enough to deal with Michael had falling madly in love with Ariane, a werewolf shifter.

Ariane Blue Hills knew that Michael Bowers was her mate and she was willing to give up her norm in order to be with him hoping that one day very soon he would accept her wolf half.  Ariane soon learned that Michael didn’t want to embrace her wolf nor did he feel the same as she when she caught him with another woman, or so she thought.  Will Ariane believe Michael’s explanation of what really happened?

Missy Martine is back again with her second installment in her exciting
A Wolfen Heritage series.  This time the plot revolved around Maddie’s brother Michael and his live interest Ariane.  Their journey to finding love was a rocky road filled with jealousy, mayhem, mystery and super-hot sex.  Even the crazed doctor managed to cross over into this storyline determined to control Maddie’s special abilities.  Overall, I found Denying His Wolfen Heritage to be a fantastic read that had me quickly turning page after page eager to discover the outcome.

Denying His Wolfen Heritage can be read as a standalone novel, I would suggest reading in date release order for character history and more enjoyment pleasure.

Nikita Steele
Author: Missy Martine
Category: Paranormal
Siren BookStrand Publishing

Released: October 2010
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