Dragon Storm:
Dragon Knights Bk. 7
When twin dragon princes Darius and Conner are told by a seer that they are about to make a long journey to find the help they need to win the war; they are skeptical.  That skepticism soon fades when they are caught in a magical storm and swept to another world.  Looking for help in this strange new world they find their way to Josie, the mate of not one but both brothers.  Finding their mate is totally unexpected; Darius and Conner had long since despaired of finding a woman who could be mate to both of them.  Now with the familiar gaping hole in their souls filled by Josie they only need to find their way home to be whole.  Because there is no way that Conner and Darius can stay in a world where dragons can’t fly freely in the sky!

Josie Marpa is a snowcat shape shifter.  Revered by other shifters the snowcats live in secret on the roof of the world.  Not Josie though, she lives deep in the forest, luckily for her seeing the two sexy dragon shifters that have just shown up are her mates.  Josie is thrilled to have Darius and Conner in her life even if the cost is relocating to another world.  Getting to Draconia won’t be easy though and will require Josie face a past that still haunts her heart.

Wow…just Wow.  For those of you who thought you knew Bianca D’Arc’s
Dragon Knight series you are in for a wonderful shock as Dragon Storm shakes up the series in a totally unexpected and absolutely fabulous fashion.  Bridging the gap between that world and this; Dragon Storm totally enthralls the reader in a series of events that renders the reader completely unable to put down Dragon Storm until the very last page.

Josie is an exceptional woman.  Strong and independent Josie took the rejection of her family and the adulation of the rest of the shifter community and discarded them both making her own place in the world to become the woman she wanted to be.  Her ability to adapt to changes rapidly will make you like her very much but it is her willingness to turn the situation to her advantage when dealing with the men in her life that will cause you to love this unforgettable heroine.

Darius is impulsive and a flirt as sweet as sugar making him easy to love.  Conner is cautious and likes to take things slow making him a perfect balance for his brother.  Identical and enormously scrummy the two men have the ability to feel and see through each other as well as the telepathy that is common with the Draconian dragons.  With strong familial bonds Darius and Conner are also highly protective in nature; typical of the alpha males they clearly are.  Darius and Conner mix their own strengths with a willingness to let Josie, their mate, do her own thing, trusting in her to protect herself in normal situations.  Seriously Josie didn’t even have to smack them around before they got it Conner and Darius are just that good.

Sex so hot it wraps around you like a warm wet blanket making it hard to catch your breath and impossible to look away marks every sensual encounter between Conner, Josie and Darius.  The love they share is visible in every touch whether they are having sex or not.  Josie’s willingness to allow Conner and Darius to lead her in new sensual directions ensures that the lovemaking is varied and remains fresh and intense through
Dragon Storm.

Plenty of visits will all the heroes and heroines of past
Dragon Knight series books Dragon Storm will touch your heart in a way that is new and familiar at the same time.  I loved that we got to see these old favorites especially my favorite sparkly dragonet.  With a whole new breed of man looking for their perfect mate, several dragon princes still searching for that perfect woman, lairs full of unmated knights desperate for a woman compatible to their lifestyle and a whole world of shifters in hiding it is clear that Ms. D’Arc hasn’t finished with the Dragon Knight series.  I for one am utterly thrilled by Bianca’s promise to her fans to keep writing for as long as we keep reading and hope that there are many more Dragon Knight series books to follow Dragon Storm.

Author:  Bianca D'Arc
Category: Paranormal/Ménage
Samhain Publishing

Released: November 2009
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