Enforced Love
Emma Cartez is about to begin her assignment as an enforcer in a very dangerous quadrant.  Her Father is the lead officer, and she is the first female to embark on this incredibly difficult job.  It is said that assignment to this place is the most dangerous of missions to undertake.  Many people don't return from this six week assignment in hellish conditions.  At least Emma won't be on her own.  She'll be working with two male enforcers assigned by her Father to keep her safe.  So, the night before her assignment begins Emma goes clubbing with her girlfriends, hoping to find some exciting men to share her last night of freedom.

Heath Diamato and Dracon normally work together, but this time they've been assigned a female enforcer as to form their triad squad.  They have tonight to let loose and enjoy life before they go to the fifth quadrant.  They don't want to be assigned a woman as their third, but they can't go against their orders.  So they go to the club and unwittingly they hook up with Emma.  Emma sees these two gorgeous men and her dreams of incredible sex for the night begin to form in her mind as they come together.  Heath and Dracon take her back to their place for the night of searing sexual appetites which they unleash with an eager Emma.  It's only when they all meet the next day for their assignments do they realize they have been partnered together.  They don't want to be responsible for Emma, but Emma will show them she is her own Enforcer and can do the work without them if necessary.  What happens with this assignment will lead the way for the future of women in Enforcer rolls, so Emma won't let them down.  Time and their desires will determine their relationship both at work and in the bedroom.

This is an exciting story about a very confident woman, Emma.  
Enforced Love is an imaginative way of looking at a menage, with hints of the dangers in store for them in their future together.  I enjoyed the way Emma is no shrinking violet.  She's just as demanding in her sexual appetites as are Heath and Dracon, which makes for an erotic ride with senses heightened by the mystery of what tomorrow will bring.  That edge to the story kept me turning the pages and enjoying the sparks that fly.

This story really took hold of me because the characters are all strong and know what they want from the moment they meet.  Don't miss out on this desperate voyage to enjoy the freedom before they have to knuckle down and become the ultimate Enforcers.

Judy King
Author:  Lacey Thorn
Category: Aeon, Sci-fi, Futuristic
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

Released: September 2010
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