Family Harmony:
Montgomery Family Bk. 2
Mya is a fragile flower betrayed by everyone that should have protected her but her twin Myles.  Having been through hell by men her whole life Mya is understandably nervous when her boss Lakon Montgomery starts to show an interest in her.  Mya is willing to give the sexy superstar a chance and begins to blossom under his gentle love and care.  Until Lakons’ jealousy causes him to betray Mya in a vicious and unforgivable attack.

Lakon is shocked and delighted to realize the sexy songbird is his mate.  Suddenly Lakon is beset by possessive urges and a need to protect his little mate from all the worlds’ harms.  When he sees his mate in the arms of another will his need to punish her destroy her fragile trust?  Or will Lakon manage to win back Mya’s trust in time to save her life when the wolves are at the door?

A rich colorful tapestry full of sexy alphas and delicate females,
Family Harmony is a fabulous addition to the Montgomery Family series.  Once again Ms. Massa has managed to reach into your chest and rip out your heart before river dancing it into the ground.  Moments of happiness interspersed with complete emotional devastation seems to be what Ms. Massa does best.  

Myas self reliance and ability to forgive even the most despicable acts against herself is inspiring.  Her willingness to pick herself up and carry on with her life after a devastating blow not only makes her a character you’ll take into your heart but
Family Harmony a book you’ll never forget.  Lakon had me pretty upset at his mistreatment of his mate for awhile there yet Ms. Massa manages to make him sweet and lovable through it all.  I think Mya let him off a bit easy really considering what he did but Lakon is truly repentant making it easier to forgive him.  

Just when you think everything is going to lead to the happily ever after Ms. Massa tosses in a few more twists that hit you like a kick to the stomach just to ensure that
Family Harmony is a book that will find a permanent place on your keeper shelf.  A gentle but intense sensuality mark most of Mya and Lakon’s romantic interactions but what will really stick in your mind is the overwhelming emotion that is displayed in each and every encounter.  With a seemingly endless supply of Montgomery's in need of mates I can’t wait for the next exciting installment of the Montgomery Family series.

This book has been previously published elsewhere but has been significantly rewritten for republication.

Author:  J.J. Massa
Category: Paranormal
Melange Books, LLC

Released: September 2009
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