A Family Portrait:
Montgomery Family Bk. 3
Tracey West is finally free of her abusive ex-husband, but the fear his regular beatings have instilled in both Tracey and her children, Ashley, Jacob and Christopher, hasn't faded just because Jack has been imprisoned.  Hiding from life in a remote cabin sheltered, Tracey's family struggle to feel safe, until the day Tavist Darke shows up and begins easing himself into their lives.  Now Tracey finds herself cared for and protected by a most unique man. When Tracey learns that her ex-husband is on the loose, will Tracey trust Travist to protect her or will she take the children and flee once again?

Tavist Darke is a werewolf and an adopted member of the Montgomery pack.  Having lost his mate and pup years ago he never expected to find another woman that he could love in that same way, until Tracey's scent comes to him and his world changes for the better.  Now with a woman and three young children to protect, Tavist must trust his family to come together when Tracey's evil ex-husband escapes and returns to claim them.  Will the full force of the Montgomery family be enough to protect Tracey from a man set on destroying them or will Tavist's heart once again be shattered at the loss of another mate and children?

Jump on the emotional roller coaster of
A Family Portrait, as the Montgomery Family series continues with another heart wrenching instalment.   Watching as Tracey and her children learn to trust that Tavist, and the large growly men that often surround him, mean them no harm; in fact their want for nothing more than to protect them often brought tears to my eyes. Tavist's story is heart wrenching, having lost his first mate and pup to a tragic accident but like all Montgomery men he is quick to trust his heart to his new mate, giving her the power to hurt him in devastating ways.  

The sweet sensuality displayed by Tavist as he wins Tracey's heart is a long way from the almost primal behaviour most Montgomery males display towards their new mates.  Tavist's love for Tracey tempering his need to dominate and stake his claim as he gently healed her wounded heart.  With little Ashley being spotted as Myles' mate and a cast of lovable and unforgettable characters I can only hope that there will be many more books in the  Montgomery Family series.

This book has been previously published elsewhere but has been significantly rewritten for republication.

Author:  J.J. Massa
Category: Paranormal
Melange Books, LLC

Released: 2011
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