Forty-Eight Hour Burn:
The Service Club
Georgia Cooper has finally decided that she wants to be with both Gavin Scott and Randy Pope.  They're cowboys when they're not fighting fires, so Georgia  lights a fire to send them a message.  Gavin and Randy race to Georgia's side only to discover that she is on fire for them.  This was her signal that she's ready to take them as they are.  Once they take her there will be no going back, Georgia will be theirs forever.

Gavin and Randy come to Georgia's door the next morning with a proposal.  For the next forty-eight hours she will be theirs to do with as they so desire.  She will have no say in what they do with and to her, but when the time is up they will leave her alone to decide if this is the life she really wants with them and all they desire from her.  Georgia can hardly wait to be with them, so she agrees to do whatever they wish, when they wish, for forty-eight hours.  Gavin and Randy Gavin and Randy will ignite in Georgia a fire she has never known existed.  

Forty-Eight Hour Burn-The Service Club ignites from the first page.  Georgia is determined to have both of her strong and sexy, dominant men, and Gavin and Randy will show her what true submission is about.  I was excited by this story right from the start, I enjoy stories in which the men show their true colors.  They aren't the civilized men society expects them to be, their demands are up front and open at the start.  I also was impressed with Georgia taking the chance to experience all these two daring and dangerous men could give her.  All three are strong, independent people who know what they want of themselves, their lives and each other.

This story had me fanning my face as the men pulled out all the stops to show Georgia their true desires, leaving no way for her to misinterpret their determination to make her their submissive.  This story was definitely a turn on.  I wonder what else will
The Service Club have to offer in future stories.  Can it compete with the flames this story has definitely started burning in me?  

Judy King
Author:  Tonya Ramagos
Category: Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: July 2010
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