Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers: Sexual Meltdown Bk.1
Kyle, Jake and Ben Dexter have lived in Arizona as cowboys all their lives.  They are Sybar men searching for a special woman to complete them, a unique woman, a Sybar woman.  They've advertised in newspapers across the country to find her because this is the only way their race can survive on Earth.  Only a Sybar woman will see their ad and reply, and once they get her to their ranch they'll use their power of illusion to project the fantasy home she's always searched for until they're able to make it real.  With only one of the brothers mature enough to create the illusion its going to be difficult to maintain the illusion for long.  They'll need to have sex, and lots of it, with their woman to maintain the illusion.

Lizzie Miles came to the U.S. for a better life.  She's about to return to Europe when she spots  the ad the Dexter's placed and decides to take a risk and answer it.  She goes to Arizona, meets the handsome brothers and finds herself in a place she had only dreamed existed.  It was everything she had ever hoped for, and the three men just take her breath away.  Kyle, Jake and Ben have their own desires for Lizzie, but they must keep the illusion going or she will find out what is happening.  The men will do whatever it takes to keep this amazing woman for themselves.

Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers is an interesting idea for a story, but as I read about Lizzie, Ben, Kyle and Jake I found that while each is a wonderfully developed character who took my imagination places, when the story came together the men and Lizzie just didn't feel right together.  They seemed to remain separate when they should have been coming together to create a heated tale.  As individuals I could go with the story and the love scenes were hot, but the story just didn't hold together for me.

I was disappointed with this story because the idea had so much more potential. So, unfortunately it wasn't my type of story, so I don't plan to read more of this series.

Judy King
Author:  Sabrina Sinclair
Category: BDSM, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: August 2010
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