Ice Queen:
Nature of Desire Series Bk.3
Warning:  Joey W. Hill’s Nature of Desire series is not intended for the faint of heart.

By day Marguerite Perriquet managed a fashionable tea room and supported numerous local domestic violence centers.  But by night, she was the eminent Mistress Marguerite, the Ice Queen, at an elite BDSM club with a stream of submissive men following in her wake.  Due to a computer glitch Marguerite learned that in order to maintain her membership at The Zone, she had to participate in a submissive training to gain a better understanding from their prospective.  And to make matter worst, her Dom instructor for the exercise was none other than Tyler Winterman, her secret temptation.

Finally, the perfect opportunity had presented itself for Tyler Winterman to be up close and personal with the renowned
Ice Queen.  Every since he had set eyes on Mistress Marguerite two years ago, Tyler had been captivated by her; but, as equal Doms it wasn’t the norm at The Zone to be more than acquaintances.  However, because of a computer hiccup Marguerite was at last his sub and Tyler was determined to keep her in his bed for life since he believed that she was a closet submissive waiting to be awakened only by his touch.  Had Tyler bitten off more than he could chew when he tried to tame a fellow Dominant like the Ice Queen?

Whew!  If you are ready to journey on a highly intense, sexual charged rollercoaster of a ride, then you MUST check out Joey W. Hill’s
Ice Queen.  I was completed absorbed into this storyline from start to finish.  I was impressed by Marguerite’s character - her outer shell was strong, calculating and emotionless; while her inner core was vulnerable and petrified to the point of never recovering if it lost control.  Tyler won my heart immediately by showcasing a multitude of endurance and unconditional supportiveness towards Marguerite as she bloomed into a woman worthy of love from a man.  As you can imagine, the BDSM play was vibrant, passionate and true to its name sake.  I was constantly squirming around in my seat with heated desire.  I recommend Ms. Hill’s Ice Queen to one and all and it can be enjoyed as an independent read.

Nikita Steele
Author:  Joey W. Hill
Category: Erotic Contemporary                                        Romance/BDSM
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: March 2006
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