The Warrior Series Bk. 1
Rachel Clancy had been training for this very moment for all her life – on her sixteenth birthday she was to travel upward to the surface of the earth to do battle with the evilness that could only be destroyed by her particular gene line.  Rachel will soon discovered that nothing could have prepared her the destructive journey that she was about to embark upon because there was a thin line between the truth and a lie.  Only time will tell if Rachel would survive her first encounter with the harshness from the surface world and even more shocking from the turn-coats that she had trusted most of her life.

Wow!  This is my first time dabbing into the Young Adult genre.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with
Initiation by Rebecca Royce.  I had no idea that I would enjoy it so much.  In part it may be due to the fact that this story was written by one of my favorite authors.  Nevertheless, if I wasn’t constantly reminded of Rebecca’s age, I could have easily mistaken this for an adult style novel.  The plot was filled with non-stop mayhem, countless dangerous situations, surprises and the sweet romance of a teenager first love.  Rachel showcased strong determination, devoted dedication and the will to overcome whatever life had dealt her.  She was a true warrior.  Although, Initiation had ending, you can definitely tell that Rachel’s trek is far from over and there are more electrifying, treacherous adventures to come.  Enjoy!

Nikita Steele
Author: Rebecca Royce
Category: Young Adult Urban
Decadent Publishing

Released: February 2011
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