Kidnapping Casey:
Zorn Warriors Bk 2
Casey Santhram has had enough of her ex-boyfriend, Donald.  He's the town sheriff and he wants her back, but Casey isn't about to go back.  Donald sends two officers to retrieve her, in handcuffs if they have to, but Casey makes a break for the woods behind her house.  The officers catch her but then there is a sudden roar and the next thing she knows she is being carried off by what she thinks is Sasquatch.  As she's being carried away Casey notices her captor isn't hairy all over.  In fact he's rather handsome, muscular and huge, at least 7 feet tall.  Casey thinks this is her first encounter with a Sasquatch, but she's about to learn that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

Casey's captor is Argis Agernon, a prince from a planet a long way away from Earth.  His people  come to Earth to get women to be their mates, but Agernon never expected to find one for himself.  He just came to explore earth because it's so different to his world.  Argernon takes Casey to hide in a cave behind a waterfall so they could escape her attackers, and as he looks at her and listens to her voice he becomes enamored with her.  Argernon can't wait, he feels the need to take her passionately and in making love to her he releases his seed into Casey many times during the night, and Casey comes to realize that he is not this mythical creature she thought he was.  He picks her up and runs with her to his ship where he and his crew embark on their return journey to his planet Zorn. The decision is made.  Argernon intends her to be his wife.  Casey's life has now changed forever and she's on the adventure of a lifetime with a man who has declared himself her husband/mate.

I was enthralled from the very first page of
Kidnapping Casey-Zorn Warriors, Book two.  Fast paced and very sexy from the start I was taken with Argernon and his chivalry towards Casey.  This big, strong, handsome and very macho male who found the woman of his dreams had me melting with warm fuzzy feelings as he protects Casey and quickly comes to treasure Casey.  Their love making is so intense it made me tingle all over.

There are of course a few threats along the way to Zorn, and Casey doesn't exactly go along peacefully.  She wants desperately to return to Earth and keep Argernon with her there, but he is a Prince of his world.  Argernon needs her and intends to have children with her. This story has charm, adventure and passion that will blow your mind and engross you so you won't be able to put it down.  This is one of the best erotic science fiction books I have ever read and I want to read more about the magnificent male warriors of Zorn, so I'm looking forward to more of their visits as they search out their mates among the women of Earth.

Judy King
Author:  Laurann Dohner
Category: Science Fiction

Elloras Cave Publishing

Released: January 2010
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