Kissing Steel:
Cyborg Seduction Bk. 2
Rena Gates is on a salvage mission for her company.  They paid the insurance on the spaceship 'The Star' which was stolen, and she's been sent to retrieve it.  Rena and her crew attach their ship to The Star and the men go aboard to take control.  They have no idea that The Star has been taken over by cyborgs, and there's a lot of cyborgs and only a small army of men trying to reclaim the ship.  The men are no match for the cyborgs.  Once the army has been killed Steel, second in command of The Star, boards Rena's spaceship and captures her.  Rena is destined to die, but Steel claims her.  He doesn't want to keep her, but he doesn't want to see her killed either.  So Steel ends up with a feisty, determined human woman who won't go meekly to just any cyborg.

Rena begs Steel to keep her.  She'll do whatever he wants just so long as he doesn't share her with the other cyborgs.  Steel's plans for his life don't include a human woman who looks like she would be split apart if he tried to do anything sexual with her.  He decides to pass her on, but before he can do anything she puts him to sleep with a command.  This starts a whole series of problems for Rena as the other cyborgs come to fear what she could do to them with just a few words.  Steel wakes to find himself strapped to the bed with Rena having her way with him.  She sure is exciting in bed, yet he can't seem to bring himself to just accept her though his heart has already begun to realize that Rena is the woman who will eventually be his mate.  Now if he could just stop being so damn stubborn about the 'little' woman.

Kissing Steel-Cyborg Seduction, Book two definitely had the power to frustrate me with Rena doing everything she can to teach Steel that she can be all the woman he needs, that she is worth keeping.  I was glued to this book from the first page and found myself rooting for Rena to overcome one very stubborn, determined male cyborg.  I was grinning as she pulls out all the stops and even chains him to the bed.  She can fulfill his sexual demands without a problem and give him everything he needs, if he'll just keep her.

It was a tense situation wondering whether he would give her away or keep her, yet the sex was so hot and demanding that it had me all fired up.  Man would I love to experience a cyborg's loving if they have the stamina and sex appeal that these guys do in this series.  After reading the first book in the series, I couldn't wait for this one to come out and I am really looking forward to more in this series.  They are so hot that it will melt you from the inside out.  Don't miss this fantastic book.

Judy King
Author:  Laurann Dohner
Category: Aeon, Sci-Fi, Futuristic

Elloras Cave Publishing

Released: April 2010
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