Lion's Heat:
Breed Bk. 21
Jonas Wyatt, Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, has been bullied into accepting Rachel Broen as his new secretary.  The Prima of the Lion Breed insisted, and there's nothing Jonas can say or do about it.  Jonas realizes there is more at stake.  He scents her and realizes that Rachel is his mate, though she is human and pregnant.  That's why he wants her gone.  Jonas doesn't want to have a mate.  He's in a dangerous business, far too dangerous for Rachel, but he has no choice as the head of the Pride has made her wishes clear!

Jonas tries everything to intimidate the beautiful Rachel into quitting, but she is just as tenacious in refusing to let Jonas get the upper hand.  Soon after she gives birth an evil man attacks her trying to steal her baby for genetic work.  The evil man has been trying to alter the genetics of the breeds for his own purposes, and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.  He's taken a special interest in Rachel's baby, and Jonas comes to the rescue.  From that point on Rachel realizes just how dangerous Jonas can be when his woman is threatened, but Rachel doesn't want to be his woman.  The dance has truly begun, and Jonas does everything he can to keep Rachel and the baby safe and keep his distance from her.  But he's fighting a loosing battle.  In the end the beast in Jonas will have his mate.  Now he has to earn her love before he allows the beast the freedom to take his mate, and that's the internal struggle that will keep him from becoming the total breed he really is.

I have read most of Lora Leigh's books, and I'm especially enamored with the ones about the Breeds.  These stories are creatively different to any other kind of animal turned from human stories I've read.  They have emotions and consciences that keep them more human than animal.  The love they have for their mates is so powerful that it reaches through the book and grabs your heart.  
Lion's Heat is a wonderful addition to the Breed series.  The sexual tension between Jonas and Rachel is tangible.  It's quite exciting to see Rachel spar with Jonas over everything, but especially their sexual tension.

The sex scenes are beautiful and intense as you are gripped by their desires for each other, but unfortunately that's not till later in the book.  I do understand that Lora Leigh was building up the moment of their first union, but I would like to have seen a bit more sex amongst all the danger and action.  This is definitely a winner and another favorite on my bookshelf.  Don't miss this exciting addition to the Breed storyline.

Judy King
Author:  Lora Leigh
Category: Shapeshifter, Paranormal
Berkley Sensation

Released: April 2010
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