Mirror of My Soul:
Nature of Desire Series Bk. 4
Warning:  Joey W. Hill’s Nature of Desire series is not intended for the faint of heart.

Some narratives are meant to be told in more than one book.  Mirror of My Soul is the DIRECT sequel to Ice Queen and it launches immediately where Ice Queen left off.

Marguerite Perruguet was afraid of falling in love and being submissively dominated by Tyler Winterman.  The more she tried to fight her grown attraction to him by pulling away, the more Tyler kept pushing until Marguerite had no choice but to come to grip with her deep, unfamiliar feelings for Tyler.  But once Tyler learned of Marguerite jagged past, will he continue to be her loving dominant Master for life?  And more importantly, will her resurfaced past push her sanity to the point of no return?

Wow!  I just can’t express in enough words at what Joey W. Hill has managed to portray in
Mirror of My Soul.  I am simply in awe!  Readers, be prepared to travel down a dark and very painful, heartfelt road as Marguerite’s gloomy past comes to light.  I applaud Tyler’s unconditional love and willingness to guide Marguerite into conquering her demons and what better way than to be the superb Master to Marguerite’s submissiveness.  I laughed.  I cried. I screamed in agony.  My emotions were all over the place. I was blushing on countless occasions as the BDSM play intensified with each turn of the page and my desire maintained a study hot flow through my veins until the very end.  This is definitely a two-part story not to be missed!  I whole heartedly recommend both Ice Queen and Mirror of My Soul to all die-hard fans of BDSM play because I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Nikita Steele
Author:  Joey W. Hill
Category: Erotic Contemporary                                        Romance/BDSM
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: May 2006
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