Mistress of Redemption:
Nature of Desire Series Bk. 5
Warning:  Joey W. Hill’s Nature of Desire series is not intended for the faint of heart.

Although he was a submissive by nature, Jonathan Powell took great pleasure in playing with women emotions, often leaving them brokenhearted and distressed.  No bad deed went unpunished and because of his association with a woman who turned out to be a serial killer landed him in prison for five years.  With his release from prison, Jonathan knew he had to rebuild his life and what better way than to get involved in a new Dom/Sub mix where he could manipulate another victim, minus his previous mistakes, of course.  Then, Mistress Dona drove up just minutes after his release with a proposition that he just couldn’t refuse.

As the Mistress of Redemption in Lucifer’s Domain, it was Dona’s duty to direct her pupils down the right path and atone for their mistakes or they would be sentenced to Hell in the Hall of Souls for eternity.  Dona’s last task before returning to the living was to redeem a man who thrived on destroying the souls of women; the very same man who just happened to be her soul mate.  To her he was her beloved Nathan.  Will Dona be able to save Nathan’s soul or will Jonathan, his evil side, prevail and send his soul straight to Hell?

Fans of Joey W. Hill’s
Nature of Desire series will remember Jonathan from book three, Natural Law.  He was a true villain that got his just desert by serving time in prison for his evil doings.  When I discovered that he would be featured as a hero, I had my doubts.  But, I am astonished to say that Ms. Hill totally changed my opinion about him as he traveled down his road to redemption with Dona as his guide.  

True the
Nature of Desire series, Mistress of Redemption contained intense and forceful BDSM foreplay that is sure to have your squirming in your seat with heated desire.  Yet, unlike the previous novels, Mistress of Redemption alternated between a reality and fantasy world.  Nevertheless, there were still a few twisters thrown into the mix to keep the plot intriguing and very passionate.  

Mistress of Redemption can be read and enjoyed as an independent, I would strong suggest reading Natural Law for a historical look at Jonathan’s character.

Nikita Steele
Author:  Joey W. Hill
Category: BDSM
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: September 2006
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