Power Unleashed:
Miami Scorcher Bk. 3
Paz Cabrera stayed with the Lazos pack after they rescued her and her sister from an evil man who experimented on them.  They've become part of the pack.  The Council has sent an enforcer,  a centuries old werewolf named Adam Tucker, to deal with the evil man who's killed so many of their kind and is still trying to get Paz's sister.  Adam has to question Paz and her sister, but as he enters the house and catches her scent he realizes something much more important is here.  When Adam meets Paz he realizes she is the mate he thought he would never find.

The threat to the women continues to grow as the crazy, evil immortal tries to get to Paz's sister,   killing people as he gets closer to her.  Adam wants his mate out of danger and he feels the Lazos men are getting way too close to his mate, so he whisks her away intending to show her that they are meant to be together forever.  But Paz is hiding something.  She isn't just a werewolf.  She's part Fae, and werewolves don't trust the Fae.  Where will this leave them when Adam finally learns that Paz has secret powers, and what will happen when Paz learns that Adam is also not just a werewolf?  The threats are real and Adam has to prove he can save the woman he loves and take care of the threat to his family before it's too late.

Unleashed-Miami Scorcher, Book 3 is a continuation of the Miami Scorcher series.  I've had the pleasure of reading all three books and they just grab me and hold onto my imagination.  This book does stand on it's own, but it would be best if you read the previous books so you know more about Paz and her family as this book picks up from the previous one.  I found it romantic the way Adam begins to court Paz and then even more intensely attractive as he takes her as his mate.  They have delicious sex and become more attached, but Paz takes a long time to divulge who she really is after all her fear to say anything about her special side to Adam could cost her his love and her life.  

Each book in this series has me wanting desperately to see what the next will hold in the way each family member seems to be finding their mates and their own troubles to deal with along the way.  You'll find yourself craving the next book as you read the series of
Miami Scorcher books.  Just make sure you have time to sit and read as you won't want to put the book down once you start.

Judy King
Author:  Savannah Stuart
Category: Twilight, Werewolf/Vampire
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

Released: July 2010
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