Rachel's Seduction:
Cattleman's Club Bk. 3
Rachel Adams is a journalist with an idea for a big story.  She's snooping around the exclusive Cattlemans' Club, where no proper woman would be seen.  The men of the club are Dominants, and they teach the women who come to the club to be their submissives.  Tonight town deputies Killian Kregor and Adam Whitman are on guard duty for the club.  They discover Rachel a little way down the track where she's run off the road in her haste to make a good get away.  Killian has been trying to get Rachel's attention for a while, and now he and Adam have their chance.  Rachel has broken the law and must be punished, but she doesn't go willingly.  Rachel tricks them into helping her get her car out of the ditch, then races off leaving them behind.

These two Cattlemen are up to the challenge Rachel has unwittingly issued.  Killian and Adam soon have her tied up and writhing with pleasure as they show her just what they can do for her lacking sex life.  Still, Rachel isn't about to let these two men take over her life.  She can't see what these two gorgeous men would want with her.  She isn't exactly model material.  Rachel is about to learn that Killian and Adam not only will take her to new heights, but show her that they are her men and they will do what they think is best to keep Rachel in their lives, no matter how much Rachel fights their attraction and devotion to her.

The books of the
Cattleman's Club series have me very excited and hanging out for each new story about these incredibly intoxicating men.  Rachel's Seduction was originally a shorter story in an anthology, and this is happy news for me as Jenny Penn has written the full version of this story.  The chase from the men and the way they keep Rachel in their beds and under their control is very arousing.  Rachel is a strong and determined lady with some self doubt.  She's the perfect woman for Killian and Adam, who are determined to run their lives and hers as they see fit.  The story of how they make her their woman is overpowering and seductive.

I am keeping this book on my favorite's shelf, along with the other two
Cattleman's Club series books.  This particular series is incredibly sexy and addictive.  You won't be able to put this book down either.  Don't miss out on some of the most amazing men and the women who claim their hearts.  It's well worth the time.  So make sure you won't be interrupted, turn off the phone, get yourself a nice drink and settle in for a book that will have you dreaming of your own cattlemen.

Judy King
Author:  Jenny Penn
Category: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: November 2010
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