Rodeo Redemption: Rodeo Royalty Bk. 1
A former Rodeo Queen, Josie Turner spends her days at the local dog grooming shop pampering the pooches of Angel Springs, Texas. When rodeo season rolls around again, the townfolk are excited about who their new Rodeo Queen might be. Josie, on the other hand, finds herself reminded all too often about a night she'd just as soon forget. A former rodeo cowboy Luke Anderson lived for three things – riding, roping and rodeos. Until the day he met Josie Turner, the girl who gave his life meaning, and whose heart he was destined to break.  Now, ten years later, he returns to Angel Springs to find the town hasn't changed much, but the girl he left behind has become a stranger he hardly recognizes. What, he wonders, will she think of him, and the man he’s become? Determined to break through the wall Josie has erected around her heart, Luke must face his demons while at the same time helping Josie overcome hers. With the whole town cheering them on, can Luke mend Josie’s heart and can one rodeo weekend help them both find redemption?

Rodeo Redemption was rewarding on so many levels. Luke left Josie at the altar after a romantic, public proposal at the Rodeo Pageant, which the townspeople still talk about after a decade. Josie and Luke have both moved on with their lives until Luke’s new calling brings him back to Angel Springs. Josie is not about to let him anywhere near her, nor is she willing to listen to any excuses he may have. She’s a wonderful heroine: beautiful, generous, funny and ultimately forgiving. She has to fight her own demons about ‘that night’ when she agrees to sponsor her employee Ruth for the current pageant.

Like all decent heroes, it turns out Luke did have noble reasons for his actions (although we don’t agree with them!), and his journey to make things right with Josie make for a sweet read.

Author:  Teri Wilson
Category: Christian Romance

White Rose Publishing

Released: June 2010
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