Turn Up the Heat, Bk. 2
Reed Brody is an unusual cop.  He works mostly on the computer squad, and he doesn't do anything by half measure.  He's intense about his job about getting the bad guys, and he plays just as hard as he works.  That's especially true of his sex life.  Unfortunately he has yet to find the woman of his dreams.

Halli Wilson works just as hard as Reed in her coffee shop, with an interesting after hours side line hosting adult toy parties for groups of women.  Halli truly enjoys working this way, but she does it to reach her goal of owning a particular house.  She's been wanting this house for a long time and now its finally within her grasp.  Just a couple more parties and the house will be hers free and clear.  When she runs into Reed at her last party they notice their attraction to each other.  Though Reed doesn't realize it, he has found the woman he has been searching for, but Halli isn't sure she wants him to be a part of her forever life.  Will these two strong willed people be able to stop clashing long enough to discover what they really could have together?

Scalded-Turn Up the Heat, Book Two had me smiling and thinking about meeting the men of the Brody family myself.  After reading the first book in the series I was really looking forward to this second one.  Allie Standifer and Desiree Holt write steamingly hot and sexy stories, and the men of the Brody family are sizzling.  Reed is smart, determined, and incredibly sexy and it's a lot of fun watching him as he falls for Halli while she's kicking and screaming to keep it a relationship with no ties.

I could understand why Halli was leery of becoming attached to Reed, but these two together are just the hottest experience I have read about.  They have the kind of chemistry that makes women melt.  I read this story in one sitting and wished for more when it came to the end.  You'll find this series delivers as the name says this one will scald you as you read every page not wanting to miss a word as you go.  Don't miss this incredibly sexy group of stories.  I just hope they continue for some time as they really know how to make a woman wish for her own dream man if they are anything like the men of these stories.

Judy King
Author:  Allie Standifer, Desiree Holt
Category: Moderne, Contemporary, BDSM
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

Released: August 2010
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