1887 is the time of the wild west and dangerous men, so Sheriff Treydon Jeffries isn't too happy that Lorella Constonce is on her own with all these men staying in her boarding house.  He's been interested in Lorella for a while, but all he can do to watch over her is take his meals at her table.  He's about ready to do something about his attraction for Lorella, to claim her and make her realize she needs him in her life permanently, but there's a problem.

There's been a murder in town, with the shoe prints of a woman next to the body.  It's Treydon's responsibility to find out what happened, but as he searches for answers as to who killed this man it seems that Lorella is keeping secrets from him.  He has to get to the bottom of this quickly so he sets his hat on finding out just what Lorella is hiding from him and he will do anything, use anything to get his answers.  Lorella is in for the pursuit of her life.

What an absolutely yummy book
Sheriff is.  I fell in love with Treydon from the start.  He's a ruggedly handsome and determined man set on seducing and keeping the woman he has fantasises about.  I relished Lorella's determination to be her own woman and a woman, which made the story that much richer and helped bring both Treydon and Lorella to life before my eyes.  The passion between them kept me glued to the pages as I read every word.  This man sure knew how to capture his lady and make love to her.

I was thoroughly taken with
Sheriff, and you will be too.  The secret Lorella has kept from Treydon will keep you reading to the end as he comes to learn about the woman she is.  This story was a short and fast paced story well worth the time.  You'll wish the story continued after the last page was read.  So don't miss out on this enticing book.  It will leave you with a craving for your own sheriff and a taste for what life could be like if you lived in the past.

Judy King
Author:  Eryn Blackwell
Category: Legend, Historical
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: July 2010
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