Sinful Pleasures: The American Heroes Collection:  Arizona
Firemen Dallas Preston and Morgan Kent work in the Fire Station across the street from an adult toy store run by the lovely Jude Wheeler.  They've been thinking about Jude a lot, and she's been admiring them for a long time too.  But this is a small town, and Jude can't afford to make trouble for her ex-husband.  He's a city official who's family won't tolerate her doing anything that affects his run for a bigger office.  This includes her taking up with two men, even though the town is known for this kind of relationship.

Dallas and Morgan have decided that it's time to go after the woman of their dreams.  When they come into her life Jude will soon learn that they'll do anything to keep her safe. They're ready to experiment with the toys they bought from her store too.  They bought them with Jude in mind, to show her how dominant males make love to their woman.  Before Jude knows it she is in a full blown romantic relationship with the most handsome firefighters she has ever seen.  Things are starting to go well, when strange things begin to happen and Jude's life is threatened.  Dallas and Morgan are determined to keep their woman in their lives and in their arms.  No one will take her from them.

This story is interesting to say the least!  
Sinful Pleasures-The American Heroes Collection: Arizona grabbed my attention from the start.  I quickly fell in love with Dallas and Morgan's pursuit of Jude.  Gentle to start with, these strong, determined men are as sexy as the day is long, and they know how to charm a woman into their arms.  Jude is quite a strong woman too.  She knows her own mind and she wants these two men, but it takes time for her courage to come to the front.  I always enjoy stories where the men have strong wills and so does the woman.  

I found myself enchanted by this story.  Oh, the toys they experiment with sure put color in my cheeks.  This story has a bit of everything - romance, domination and the drama about keeping the heroine safe from harm as her life is put on the line.  I didn't put this book down until I found out who had it in for Jude.  I wanted to make sure that her two heroes kept her safe.  The love that develops just grabbed at my heart.  So grab this exciting book, find a comfy chair and prepare to read it front to back without wanting to stop.  I'd really like to read more about the men from that fire station and this town!

Judy King
Author:  Ashley Shay
Category: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: July 2010
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