Stripped Bare:
Bare Love Bk. 7
Stace Anders has come to Midnight, Inc. seeking Jack Madigan's help to find her sister, and he assigns Shep and Griff.  She's been out of the country on assignment, and returned to discover that her sister was missing.  Stace's sister had gone out dancing only to be drugged and taken, but she did get a 911 call out before everything went black.  

When Stace meets Shep sparks fly from their intense attraction.  She isn't shy about her attraction to Shep, and he can't hold back his feelings and desires from her.  They don't know if her sister is dead or alive, but the clock is ticking.  Stace will find that Shep and Griff will be able to help find her sister once they know what has happened to her.  There is nothing Shep won't do for Stace and he intends to stay by her side even when this case comes to a conclusion.

Stripped Bare
-of the Bare Love series, Book Seven is an interesting addition to the  Bare Love series.  This story certainly takes off like a shot and has you wondering whether Stace will find her sister with the help of the strong, incredibly smart men of Midnight, Inc. whose personalities come to life as you read each page.  Stace and Shep are well matched, which makes the story even more enjoyable as their chemistry between them lights up the pages.  The danger is palpable as they search for Stace's sister, hoping she is still alive.

I get such pleasure reading the stories of the Bare Love series.  I just wonder who will be next to find their love, and what trials will they have to go through.  I enjoyed the way this story unfolded as they pieced together the puzzle of a missing girl and the clues lead them to her.  I hope you'll find it as intriguing as I did, and melt as you read the hot scenes that Stace and Shep have together.   Lacey Thorn really knows how to grip her audience and keep them turning the pages.  It is an excellent series with intrigue and romance mixed in.

Judy King
Author:  Lacey Thorn
Category: Breathless, Romantic Suspense
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: October 2010
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