The Cowboys Ride Again: Delectable Bad Boys Bk.3
Natalie Andrews and Levi Kelly have been together for quite some time, but she isn't sure just how things are really going between them.  It seems like Levi might be cooling off on their relationship, but Natalie doesn't want to loose him.  She worries whether she is enough for him.  When Levi's friend, Trace O'Malley, visits the ranch things heat up to an unimaginable level.  Trace finds Natalie captivating and Levi is thrilled that his best friend wants to share the love of Natalie.  They just have to figure out how to approach Natalie about it.

Natalie is interested in Trace too, but she's worried how this will affect her relationship with Levi.  She will do anything to keep Levi, she's even willing to go along their wishes.  But Natalie's father gets in the way.  He wants to run her life.  He's campaigning to get into government and he's willing to destroy Natalie's life with Levi and Trace to avoid a scandal.  How will the three of them survive this controlling father and have the life that they want and need with each other?

I was surprised that Natalie, a grown woman, would bow down to her father.  I could understand that she loved both Levi and Trace and didn't want to cause either of them pain.  This turn in the storyline saddened as well as angered me, but as with every story there has to be a conflict or there wouldn't be much of a story.  
The Cowboys Ride Again-Delectable Bad Boys Book 3 has a strong sensual appeal in the way the two men finally turn up the heat with Natalie.  The way they all made love together is extremely sexy and it sure brought out another side of Natalie and enhanced her relationship with Levi.  I found myself turning pages to see how and what Natalie does for her two men so they don't have to suffer the wrath of her father.

You'll find you want to strangle the man who comes between Natalie, Levi and Trace.  Even though this part of the story made me cringe it causes Natalie to learn to be the right woman for her two men, making the story even better.  Love triumphs because Natalie was willing to fight for it.    You won't want to miss these 'Bad Boys' and their naughty woman.  I enjoyed the way that Natalie took back her life and saved her relationship despite her father.  This had me smiling and practically rooting her on.  You will find yourself reading through the book and finding that the strength and love that Natalie shares with Levi and Trace only gets better as Natalie takes back her own life, learning what she really wants in life and not letting anyone get in her way.  I found myself smiling when she figures out how to fix their problem.  This book made me think that certain things in life are worth fighting for and that satisfaction shined through as Natalie takes her life back.  You'll find this an enriching story after she goes through her sacrifices for her men.  It's well worth the read.  I find when love conquers the bad things in this story it made me want to hug Natalie as she discovers her place with her two 'Bad Boys'. Don't miss out on this story that shows a woman how to become the woman she craves to be.  It sure made my heart flip over when she goes to get her men back and you'll find this well worth your time.   

Judy King
Author:  Sofia Hunt
Category: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Released: June 2010
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