Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: Cowboy Kink
Tristan McKay is back in town for the rodeo that's about to take place and more importantly for the woman he has loved and desired for a long time.  Tristan won't let Jaycee Craven go after this rodeo finishes.  He's determined to have her back in his life and in his bed for the long haul.  It's just convincing her to give him another chance that will take all the work.  However Tristan is about to get a break when he comes upon Jaycee on the highway in her broken down truck.  Tristan wouldn't dream of leaving her there, so he stops to offer help.  Maybe this is the start of his second chance with her?

Jaycee is through with Tristan.  At least that's what she keeps saying to herself and anyone who will listen.  Jaycee's brother Chase knows that she and Tristan were meant to be together, and he's all for it.  Now if Jaycee weren't so darn stubborn she would be back where she belongs in Tristan's arms, as his wife.

I wouldn't have believed it possible for such an excellent story to be fully told in such a short novel. This one is so hot, sexy and actually scorching that I couldn't resist it.  I read
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down in one sitting, and I was sorry to see it come to an end it was that good!  I haven't read anything before from KyAnn Waters, but I am going to search out her other books now.  If they are anything like this deliciously wicked cowboy story, I will continue to be a big fan of hers.

I didn't think I would actually read a book this hot and steamy when I first picked it up, but it proved that great stories can come in small novels.  So don't miss out on a fantastic cowboy story with a spitfire woman and a rodeo cowboy who will make all your desires come true.  If only there were cowboys like this in real life.  Every woman would be after her own Tristan in a hot minute.  I hope that KyAnn Waters will write Chase's story next and maybe make it longer as I found I craved more of Tristan and Jaycee after the last sentence was read.

Judy King
Author:  KyAnn Waters
Category: Contemporary, Cowboy, Western, Anal Sex, Bondage

The Wild Rose Press

Released: December 2009
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