Unleashed Temptation:
Miami Scorcher Bk. 1
It's time for Carly Kendall to move on.  Her ex boyfriend cheated on her with her boss so she's packed her bags and relocated from Chicago to Florida, leaving behind the broken heart.  On her first day job hunting she has an interview at an auto mechanic shop and meets an absolutely dreamy guy who is built like an Adonis.  From the moment the interview starts Carly can't seem to control her tongue, she just rambles on but Nick Lazos doesn't mind.  At first sight he realized something... Carly is his mate.  Nick is an Alpha werewolf and had long ago given up ever finding the one who was meant to be his.  What a strange and wonderful situation.

Nick pours on the charm and takes advantage of any situation to be with Carly, and she ends up ensnared in his arms at every turn.  From their first night together they make passionate love in every way they can. Carly is his woman and he's not about to let a little thing like her being a human come between them.  Seduction is Nick's favorite thing to do when he is with Carly, if only she could forget about the hurt from her previous employer.  But there's someone else who wants Carly for his own and will do anything to take her from Nick.  Nick must come clean with Carly, tell her exactly what and who he is and make her his before the danger overcomes this new love and mating.

I have to say that
Unleashed Temptation is one of the best books I have read in a while.  I was drawn into the story from the very start, as if I was there with Carly and Nick.  Nick is so hot and desirable and, of course, arrogant and demanding as well as captivating all at once, as werewolves tend to be.  The way he sweeps Carly off her feet with extraordinary charm had me smiling.  I found myself smiling often throughout the book, then fanning myself because of the sexy, smoking hot love making.

Carly tries to put a bit of distance between them because she is his employee, but Nick won't have any of that.  I was cheering the entire way through the story for Nick to take Carly and wasn't disappointed when he swoops to the rescue.  What woman can resist the charm of Nick and his family of werewolves.  You will find yourself glued to this book from the start, not wanting the story to end.  I can only hope that Savannah Stuart will continue with Nick Lazos' family as it would be so much fun to see his brothers and cousins meet their mates.  She has a real fresh way of making a story come alive and latch on to your heart.  What a wonderful read this was.  It's going to go on my favorite books shelf that I have, to be read over and over again.  Don't miss
Unleashed Temptation it has all the romance and charm you could ever dream of in a book and then some.

Judy King
Author:  Savannah Stuart
Category: Shapeshifter/Werewolf/Vampire
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: October 2009
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