Cat Star Chronicles Bk. 7
Dax is aware that as one of the few remaining Zetithian’s he has a responsibility to his people to reproduce.  Plus if he doesn’t Captain Jack will kill him, her hints are already getting pretty pointed.  However while Dax appears to be the quintessential bad boy he is, accurately labeled by his friends ‘The Great Virgin’.  All that may be about to change though because one look at Ava and he finally feels a flare of interest.  With his arousal tied to the scent of a woman Dax is struggling to get close enough to Ava to smell her; however it seems that every time they get close Dax puts his foot in it.  Transporting Ava to her home world gives Dax time to try and entice Ava but with his complete lack of experience will Dax be able to win Ava’s affection even if she makes him purr?

Ava is trapped on a violent world with a violent partner.  All she wants is to go home but there is no way she has the funds for that.  At least not until she runs into tax it has a well that's a down his generosity offering her a place on his ship for barely more than it costs to get off the planet.  Ava is sure there has to be some sort of catch after all usually when things seem too good to be true they are. Ava finds herself strangely attracted to the Captain. An attraction encouraged by the ships sentient and matchmaking droid, Kots, with the generous servings of aphrodisiac cream and water from the home world of Ava’s father Aquerei.  As changes begin to overtake Avas body it quickly becomes apparent that she is being hunted.  Will Dax’s passion be able to overcome Ava’s fear of relationships enough to bond with him?  Will it even matter with the enemy hot on the heels of the world to stave will they even survive?

With descriptions so vibrant you feel like you could step out into the worlds created by Ms. Brooks and characters that run from the sensual to be absurd
Virgin is another excellent addition to the Cat Star Chronicles.  Ava is humorous and little naïve especially when considering her previous relationships.  Her willingness to protect Dax even unconsciously brought a smile to my face every time she did it.  Her emotions are easily triggered causing her animated hair to behave in a completely unpredictable fashion making completely impossible to hide what she was thinking.  Ava is a strong woman, completely deserving of one of the few Zetithian males.

Dax has alpha male who exudes a dominant presence with a soft core of uncertainty that only appears when he is attempting to entice Ava.  His shyness in all things sensual is made up for by his willingness to experiment and determination to bring Ava joy in the Zetithian way. His struggles against peer pressure and the potential failure of his species in an effort to do what he feels is right in his soul and wait for his mate waivers between comedic and heartbreaking.

The intense attraction between Ava and Dax will literally set the pages on fire. Watching as Dax bumbles his way through trying to initiate a relationship with Ava is a highly entertaining.  As the passion unfolds it will hold you glued to

This is not a book to start reading in the evening, it will keep you up all night; you just will not be able to put
Virgin down.  The sex is not superfluous to the story you could not take it out without losing something integral as it is in these unguarded moments that you truly see to the heart of Dax and Ava.

I heard that the
Cat Star Chronicles will be going to nine books but with such a vivid world and such lovable characters I hope it is not long before we find ourselves approaching book twenty.

Author:  Cheryl Brooks
Category: Paranormal/Sci Fi
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Released: June 2011
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