What She Needs
Master Kurt Reinhardt is drinking at the bar as his convention concludes and the next convention, a Romance Convention, takes over.  The women at the bar are definitely excited.  When Delia Barnes arrives with a black eye all the women in her circle are asking what happened.  She makes a joke about not answering 'Yes Master' fast enough, which brings out the Dominant in Kurt.  He's infuriated that someone would mistreat their sub so he approaches Delia offering to be her new Master.  

The more Kurt sees of this beautiful older woman, the more determined he is to show her what a true Dom is like.  He challenges her right then and there to allow him to show her what sexual satisfaction is like with the right 'Master' and Delia's group urges her to accept.  Delia's challenge begins, and its the start of an intriguing new relationship that will bring Kurt back into the lifestyle and give Delia some new experiences to write about.  Back in their real lives the action really picks up as their attraction begins to overwhelm them, until an accident leaves Delia needing to overcome her fears if she is to stay in Kurt's life.

I thoroughly enjoyed Delia's humour throughout this book.  
What She Needs is a spunky, enticing story that made me believe that age shouldn't prevent two people from learning to love and excite each other in and out of the bedroom.  Delia is very contrary.  In her every day life she's a determined woman who runs her own life, but when it comes time to relax and experience something new sexually she let's her partner take control.  That was definitely a turn on for me, and it made the story richer.

The sex is blazing hot, and these two definitely set the book on fire with Kurt taking the lead.  This story definitely had me melting and turning the pages with relish as I couldn't wait to see what these two people could do to and for each other.  This story will definitely draw you in and have you wishing to experience what a man like Kurt can offer the right woman

Judy King
Author:  Cris Anson
Category: Contemporary, Older Woman/Younger Man
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Released: July 2010
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