Whenever We Meet
Angela Reynolds has been hired to decorate a large hotel in Mexico, Stephen Montoya's hotel.  He first saw her at a meeting with the decorating company, and he just had to have her.  Unbeknownst to Angela the contract requires her to be the decorating consultant, and once she arrives in Mexico the magic between them begins.  Oh, Stephen is a bit older than Angela, but he has a plan to get this beautiful woman into his life permanently.

Angela's husband passed away just a year ago, and Stephen learns that their marriage wasn't a passionate one.  He begins to charm and court the beautiful Angela with family and celebrations with music and dancing.  The old fashioned love songs tell stories, and one in particular starts love blooming between them.  "Besame Mucho", which means kiss me lots.  Stephen agrees this will not be an affair, but insists that Angela kisses him whenever she enters or leaves the room.  And so Stephen's seduction of Angela begins, and there is only one place it will go.

I smiled the entire way through this book.
Whenever We Meet is an incredible love story filled with passion and romance.  Stephen gently leads Angela, as if he were dancing with her, into his arms and then into his life and shows her his heart in the way he makes love to her.  The eroticism of their love making will warm your cheeks as you blush, and make you sigh as you see their love grow.

This story seduced me as no story has in a long time.  It's like a fairy tale, but so much more.  Don't miss out on a very romantic, sexy story that will have you wishing you could be the woman in Stephens arms.  This book is better than any dream ever could be, come to life.

Judy King
Author:  Cerise DeLand
Category: Branded, Marital Heat
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

Released: August 2010
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